Latest news - 6 November 2001

You're NOT gonna believe this.....
So, remember Goldie, our wonderfully affectionate boar? The one with the castration scar, whom the vet later informed us only had one vestigial testicle? Who would always be firing blanks?

You can see where this is going.....

Having failed to move Goldie out of the paddock, for various reasons (incompetence, mostly), I've been going over to check Middly every day, just in case. She didn't look pregnant, but then, Kune Kunes are fat and round anyway, so who can tell?

I was away this weekend, so today I made the effort to go up early.

When I got there, the boys were eating outside, and no Middly visible. I dived into the ark, with a definite premonition. Sure enough, there she was, tummy hanging down, and her back end distinctly ready... she stomped up to me, grumpling...

About two minutes after I got into the pig-ark, she dropped the first newborn piglet in front of me!

As it turns out, it was just as well Dean and I were there - she was having painful contractions, which meant she kept walking around and wouldn't settle, and if we hadn't picked up the piglets, she would have trodden on them by accident.

So there's me, covered in blood and afterbirth, acting as midwife to a sow! Entirely without me being prepared for this, I may add. Gill, I wish I'd had you and Mark to hand for advice! As it was, we got the vet to come in, and he gave her an injection, and we managed six live piglets, and sadly a seventh stillborn one.

So I've been over there until she passed the afterbirth, and began to feed her babies, gibbering quietly the while - me, that is, not Middly, and now I've come home to drink beer and realise there are 24 pigs on the farm!

They are pure-bred Kune Kunes, and I'm crossing my fingers desperately that they all make it. I'm going to be over the farm bright and early tomorrow, as we're moving her back indoors, naturally, with her litter. They are gorgeous little darlings - mostly gold with black spots, but one with white markings, like her mum, and one tricolour one.


So, if you want to keep your fingers crossed for our little honeys, please do! I guess, as pure-bred, they'll be easier to find homes for. I really didn't think we'd ever be doing Adopt-a-Pig: the Next Generation... Plus, I've never actually been present while anything has been born before. So my mind is frazzled completely. What an experience...

<hic!> I think I must go have a bath. :)

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