Mary Gentle

Born... just the once, thanks. Still here.

Mary Gentle was born in [mumble] and had her first book, A Hawk in Silver, published when she was twenty-one. She worked in the civil service and as a cinema projectionist and cleaner before going to university as a mature student. In 1985 she was awarded a first-class degree in English and Politics and, in 1988, an MA with distinction in English and History. And she likes pigs - obviously.

The remaining Ash books (or book, depending on whether you live in the US or UK) are upcoming soon - details below - but meanwhile the roll call stands at:

  • Golden Witchbreed
  • Ancient Light
  • A Hawk in Silver
  • Rats & Gargoyles
  • Grunts!
  • The Architecture of Desire
  • Scholars & Soldiers
  • Left to His Own Devices
  • A Secret History: The Book of Ash, #1
  • Carthage Ascendant: The Book of Ash, #2
  • The Wild Machines: The Book of Ash, #3 (USA - August 2000)
  • Lost Burgundy: The Book of Ash, #4 (USA - December 2000)
  • Ash: A Secret History (the novel in one volume) UK, April 2000



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